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Cone Drive is a world leader in precision motion control technology. We work with our customers every step of the way - from design specifications to the final solution - to create highly precise and specific products that keep our customers' technology at the forefront of their industry. Cone Drive offers dedicated engineering support, unique solutions, and innovative technology across a breadth of industries and products to drive your company forward.


Precision motion control technology is known world-wide, and Cone Drive can serve every corner of the globe. Through our production facilities in Traverse City & Ludington, Michigan, USA and Jiangyin, China - we produce precision motion control solutions that are highly engineered and designed to your specific needs. Cone Drive has a long history of providing our customers with solutions tailored to their specific needs.

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Our History

  1. 2008

    - H-FANG was established in China
    - Focusing on Industry/ Construction in global market
    - Product extends from slewing bearing to slewing drive

  2. 2009

    - ISO9001:2008 Quality System Certification was approved
    - Obtain inner assessor’s post certification
    Push out series of S/SE slewing drive
    Push out series of PE slewing drive

  3. 2011

    H-fang had been a member of State Renewable Energy Sources Association
    Obtain SVHC certification and TUV certification
    Push out series of HSE slewing drive
    Push out series of VE/OVE slewing drive

  4. 2012

    H-fang corporates with Renewable Energy Sources Association and sets up China Solar Tracking System Alliance
    Obtain CCS authentication certification
    H-fang’s second stage of factory has been completed officially and came into use. Besides, the annual output exceeds 240000 sets
    Jiangyin H-fang New Energy Tracking Drive Technology Research Institution was established.
    Obtain Annual Photovoltaic Product Innovation Award
    Push out series of W/WE slewing drive

  5. 2013

    H-fang drafts industrial standard of Slewing Drive and obtain audit permission of National Reduction Gears Standard Committee
    H-fang obtain the certification of The Engineering Technology Research Centre
    Push out series of WEA slewing drive
    Push out series of HSJ slewing drive

  6. 2014

    Obtain the best award of American Oshkosh Group
    Get through ISO14001:2004 standard
    Finish merger with American Hundred Year’s Drive Corporation Cone-Drive
    Acquire provincial famous trademark
    Industry and information department officially publishes the industry standard JB/T11993-2014 of Slewing Drive
    Push out series of R slewing drive

  7. 2015

    H-fang comprehensively implement ERP management item plan
    H-fang passes the qualification authentication of Hi-tech Technology Company
    Join in Solar Photo-thermal Industry Alliance
    Push out series of the combined type of SDE/PDE slewing drive

  8. 2016

    H-fang introduces global state-of-the-art/the most advanced/cutting edge double enveloping drive production line
    Push out the first type of the photovoltaic double enveloping slewing drive

  9. 2017

    H-fang push out the solution of robot drive
    Obtain the declaratory permission of mini Titan Project of Technology Corporation
    Recheck the permission of ISO9001:2014 Quality System Certification


 ISO14001 certified since 2003.

In addition to recycling scrap metals & oil,  Cone Drive also donates all unusable electronics to Goodwill Industries for recycling through Dell’s Reconnect Program.


Cone Drive’s environmental responsibility extends beyond recycling practices. We support and utilize professional waste disposal for all potentially hazardous materials. In addition, as part of an ongoing awareness program to reduce unnecessary paper usage, Cone Drive was able to decrease paper consumption by over 50% since the program’s inception in 2010. Cone Drive continues to implement facility improvements to become more energy efficient.

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