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Cone Drive is a world leader in precision motion control technology. We work with our customers every step of the way - from design specifications to the final solution - to create highly precise and specific products that keep our customers' technology at the forefront of their industry. Cone Drive offers dedicated engineering support, unique solutions, and innovative technology across a breadth of industries and products to drive your company forward.


Precision motion control technology is known world-wide, and Cone Drive can serve every corner of the globe. Through our production facilities in Traverse City & Ludington, Michigan, USA and Jiangyin, China - we produce precision motion control solutions that are highly engineered and designed to your specific needs. Cone Drive has a long history of providing our customers with solutions tailored to their specific needs.

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Our History

  1. 1925 – Cone Gearing Corporation founded by Mr Samuel I. Cone

    Samuel I. Cone, an American civilian machinist and draftsman working at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, Virginia, manufactured an improved Hindley worm gear and patented a practical method of generating the elements of this double-enveloping worm gearing.

  2. 1931 – Michigan Tool Company licenses Mr Cone’s manufacturing

    After news of the technology spread, Cone Drive Division built a plant in Detroit, Michigan and started production of double-enveloping worm gearing. In the 1940s, the U.S. Navy saw the space saving ability and accuracy features of Cone Drive double-enveloping worm gearing.

  3. 1950 – Traverse City facility established

    During the 1940s, nearly every gun was driven by Cone Drive gearing, and by the end of WWII, Cone Drive worm gears were used in all branches of the U.S. armed forces, from aircraft to submarines. In 1950, Cone Drive’s Traverse City facility was established, which is still the company’s headquarters of today.

  4. 1959 – Ex-Cell- O acquires Michigan tool

    Ex-Cell- O Corporation acquired Michigan Tool Company of which Cone Drive was a division.

  5. 1986 – Textron acquires Ex-Cell- O

    After a series of mergers and acquisitions, Textron, an American global aerospace, defense, and advanced technologies industrial conglomerate, acquired Cone Drive in the 1980s. David Brown Group of the United Kingdom was acquired by Textron and joined Cone Drive as part of Textron Industrial Gears.

  6. 2008 – Clyde Blowers Capital buys gearing technology of Textron

    In November 2008, the old gear technology division of Textron (including Cone Drive, AB Benzlers, and David Brown Group) was bought by Clyde Blowers Capital, an independent industrial investment firm based in East Kilbride, Scotland.

  7. 2012 – Became a platform company in the CBC Fund III portfolio

    In November 2012, Cone Drive was restructured within Clyde Blowers Capital and is currently an autonomous Fund III platform, furthering modern precision motion control technology across the world.

  8. 2014 – Acquisition of H-fang

    In September 2014, Cone Drive announced the acquisition of China based precision slewing drive manufacturer Jiangyin Huafang New Energy Hi-Tech Equipment Co., Ltd (H-Fang).

    H-Fang is a leading precision slewing drive and precision slewing bearing manufacturer located in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China. H-Fang’s highly engineered solutions include precision slewing drives, precision slewing bearings and related components, which are applied in a wide range of precision motion control and industrial markets including solar tracking systems, construction vehicles, mobile cranes, aerial lifts and port machinery.

  9. 2015 – European office established

    Cone Drive establishes an office in East Kilbride, Scotland, to expand global reach and provide European base for local markets.

  10. 2016 – Commercial launch of Harmonics Solutions

    Cone Drive announces launch of Harmonic Solutions products which offer the ultimate in gearing precision and represents a significant move into the robotics industry, cementing their status as a global leader in precision motion control technology.


Certified ISO 9001 & Environmental Compliance

In addition to recycling scrap metals & oil,  Cone Drive also donates all unusable electronics to Goodwill Industries for recycling through Dell’s Reconnect Program.


Cone Drive’s environmental responsibility extends beyond recycling practices. We support and utilize professional waste disposal for all potentially hazardous materials. In addition, as part of an ongoing awareness program to reduce unnecessary paper usage, Cone Drive was able to decrease paper consumption by over 50% since the program’s inception in 2010. Cone Drive continues to implement facility improvements to become more energy efficient.

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