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Cone Drive makes advances in materials technology

Cone Drive, an industry leader in precision motion control technology, is adding another differentiating product to its line-up with their new servo driven stainless steel drive. The new product has been designed to exceed the most stringent government regulations in the Food, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical Processing markets.

Stainless (F05005.0AWET03-)

The smooth, rounded surfaces of the drive eliminate free standing water and prevent bacteria growth. The double bearing input shaft ensures proper alignment of the motor to the drive, allowing it to be mounted in any position. In conjunction, the anti-fretting motor input shaft connection guarantees fast, easy removal of the drive motor.

“Our customers were looking for a product that was inclusive of Cone Drive’s precision motion control technology, while at the same time meeting the prevalent government regulations in the Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical industries. Cone Drive’s stainless steel product line has been designed for customers to meet government regulations, and improve uptime.” –Mitch Machelski, Product Manager.

Cone Drive is the only manufacturer on the market who offers a servo driven stainless drive. The product is available in 5 sizes, ranging from 1.54 to 3.00-inch center distances, and has the capability of transmitting servo motor torque up to 100Nm.

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