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Cone Drive provides stainless steel drive solution for Maple Leaf Foods

Cone Drive, a global leader in precision motion control technology, has impressed Maple Leaf Foods (MLF), Canada’s leading consumer packaged meats company, by providing the Canadian company with a solution to issues in poultry processing.

Cone Drive’s easy to clean, stainless steel drive has the ability to remove the motor from the drive without damaging the product, which considerably improves durability.

Cone Drive’s IP69K tested and approved design withstands high pressure washing without concern for ingestion of liquids. The rounded design of the housing eliminates harbor points for bacterial growth.

Dave Hackett, Maintenance Superintendent of MLF commented: “I was very pleased with Cone Drive’s non-fretting motor connection. It allows for easy removal of motors which are key issues in food processing. With our past provider, over 75% of the time we were unable to detach the motor, which was a big problem for us.”


Unlike the common use of one bearing, Cone Drive’s design includes a pair of ball bearings, which are used to properly support the worm and align the motor to the drive. Hackett explains, “With the previous supplier’s worm reducer I was able to wiggle the input, and this was a common area for leaks.”

The double bearing support ensures proper alignment with the high speed motor shaft and seals which eliminates leaks, improves bearing lives and increases uptime. Additionally, Cone Drive stands behind their product, offering an industry leading 5-Year warranty for this stainless steel product.

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