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3 Tracking Drive features your Solar Installation needs

Solar energy is one of the world’s fastest growing industries due to its limitless resources and environmental benefits. A solar installation is a large but fruitful investment. However, if you’re going to get the most out of your solar plant, every component needs to be of the best quality in the industry.

One of the most important elements of your solar operation is the tracking drive, such as a slewing or worm gear drive, that positions each solar panel. Of course, which drive features are most important to you will depend on a variety of factors: geographical location, type of application, specific operational needs, and more. But these 3 key traits of tracking drives are universal and will point you in the best direction.



For solar tracking systems to capture the highest levels of energy, the sun needs to be at a precise angle to the panel. That precision is necessary to your operation’s success, and using the right tracking drive can make all the difference. Double-enveloping worm gears – like these from Cone Drive – offer such precision for applications where pointing accuracy is critical.

These tracking solutions also prevent backlash and other extra motion, keeping the panel positioned at the premium angle for harnessing the sun’s energy. High-precision drives help make solar operations more effective and profitable by supporting movement in both single and dual-axis solar applications.

Torque Density

Your chosen solar tracking drive needs to support the weight of large solar panels and equipment while maintaining the highest dynamic and static torque load capacity in the smallest amount of space possible. That’s not an easy task. The ideal drive will feature increased strength and stability.

To ensure an even higher torque density, work with a company that offers drive customization. They will engineer and build drives to your exact specifications, and most test them before completing the project to further guarantee a perfect product. Click here to see Cone Drive’s customization options.

Long Lifetime

The most successful solar installations are those that require as little upkeep and maintenance as possible. In a perfect world, a solar plant would self-sustain for 25 to 30 years. If your tracking drives don’t have that longevity, the cost to maintain, repair, or replace those components will be catastrophic, especially since many solar installations use hundreds of panels supported by tracking drives. Few drives on the market can match those lifetime standards, but the investment is worth your savings in the long run.


Cone Drive is the global leader in solar tracking, with over 6 gigawatts of solar power generated using our drives worldwide. If you’re ready to work with experts and maximize your solar investment, get in touch today to speak with our team about what we can do for you.

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