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The 5 things you need to know about Cone Drive Harmonic Solutions

What do robots, a 3D printer, and amusement park animatronics all have in common? Each uses harmonic – or strain wave – gearing to operate. You’ll also find them in surgical tools, large industrial machines, and much more. There is no doubt that harmonic solutions play a critical role in the world we live in.

Harmonic technology is highly engineered to be the most precise gearing solution on the market. Its vast array of applications make it valuable across several industries, such as robotics, aerospace, metrology, and high precision industrial machine tools. No matter your field, here’s what you need to know about harmonic gearing.

Best Positional Accuracy

Due to the sensitive nature of the industries harmonic technology serves, precise motion is a non-negotiable necessity. Applications such as surgical robotics demand accuracy. Positional accuracy in many models is within one arcminute. While many gearing solution variations, such as worm gears, are known for their superb precision, harmonic gears are in a class of their own, offering accuracy that other gears simply cannot.

Zero Backlash

Harmonic gears operate with ultra-low to zero backlash because of the design’s natural preloading gears and radial tooth movement. The less backlash, the more accurate the application will perform. Working together with the other components of the drive, harmonic gearing provides an easily controlled, smooth-running operation.

Variety of Sizes

Most applications require small harmonic drives, but there are many times a large gear might be appropriate. Whether large or small, another aspect that makes harmonic technology so special is how lightweight each product is. If you choose to work with a harmonic gearing manufacturer with custom capabilities, you can engineer and craft a custom solution that features the best size and weight for your application.

High Torque Capacity

Harmonic solutions are able to support high output torque capacity equal to drives twice their size and three times their weight. In harmonic technology, power is transmitted through multiple tooth engagement, making such high torque loads possible. This range of size widens the potential markets this technology could serve, from minuscule gears in medical equipment to large-format 3D printers.

Limited Manufacturers

Despite its myriad of uses, harmonic technology manufacturer options are scarce. Since you’ll be limited to just a handful of providers, be sure to select one with a solid reputation and strong history of partnership with their clients. If they have custom engineer and design capabilities, that is ideal, as you never know if the standard measurements will fit your specific needs.

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