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Launch of Cone Drive Harmonic Solutions® is a massive success

Perfecting the precise engineering standards and production requirements of their exciting and innovative new product range, precision motion control technology expert, Cone Drive, formally announced the commercial launch of their Harmonic Solutions product line at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in September 2016. Following the success at IMTS, Cone Drive launched the Harmonic Solutions product line in Europe at Motek in October 2016.

The launch was exceptionally well received by the market, building on the high quality engineering and manufacturing standards for which Cone Drive Harmonic Solutions has already been recognized globally.Cone Drive is now engineering solutions for applications in robotics, aerospace, metrology, defense, medical and machine tooling industries. Cone Drive Harmonic Solutions® have successfully been designed into a wide product range of OEM customers. In addition, Cone Drive has achieved preferred supplier status with key customers for this technology replacing the incumbent supplier.

“Cone Drive continues to innovate with new and exciting products for our portfolio, and the Harmonic Solutions range is no exception. The product has superior performance characteristics, which, when coupled with our global footprint and the growing robotics market, firmly establishes Cone Drive as a leader in the motion control technology space.” – Kurt Gamelin, C.E.O.

Cone Drive Harmonic Solutions® offers the ultimate in gearing precision and represents a significant move into the robotics industry, cementing their status as a global leader in precision motion control technology. These highly engineered, compact, lightweight, high ratio, single stage in-line components are used for high accuracy, high torque motion control applications.

“Cone Drive expected to have a positive response from the market given our market knowledge and engineering experience. Pairing a high quality product with superior customer service and engineering standards has proven to be a success by filling a need in the market. In fact, the response from the market has been so strong that we are already planning to expand production capacity in 2017 to prepare for commercial launch into the market in Asia.” – Michael King, Group Director of Sales & Marketing

Key features of Cone Drive Harmonic Solutions® include:

  • High Efficiency
  • Smooth Operation
  • Low/Zero Backlash
  • High Tortional Stiffness

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