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The CDGI offers three distinct courses in maintenance, basic application, and advanced design for precision motion control solutions. Regular courses are scheduled each spring and fall. Courses are also offered on demand at our facility or can be held at a customer site.

For more information regarding training or course pricing information, please email or call 1-888-994-2663 and ask for the training coordinator.

CDGI Maintenance Course is aimed towards Maintenance Mechanics and Supervisors, Field Service Technicians, and other personnel involved with the installation and maintenance of gearboxes.

CDGI Intermediate Gear Course is designed for Power Transmission Distributors, Automated Solution Providers, Technical Sales Professionals, or Engineers interested in learning about different types of gearing, gearboxes, their selection, and basic application in different industries.

CDGI Advanced Gear Course is a comprehensive program for Engineers challenged with designing OEM equipment utilizing gear technology. The course covers different types of gears, gear design characteristics, gear manufacturing methods, gear lubrication requirements, and advanced application of gearing.

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