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Cone Drive is a Key Presenter at AD’s Bearings & Power Transmission Winter Meeting

As an AD supplier partner, Cone Drive’s distribution network has massively expanded. The $32B network gives Cone Drive the opportunity to drive new product sales and increase top line growth. Cone Drive will be giving a presentation in front of the AD group at their winter meeting in Orlando, Florida, which will be close to an hour in length and will cover the following topics:

  • Cone Drive’s Growth Goals and Strategies
    • What role AD members play in growth strategy?
    • How can AD members capture emerging markets quickly?
  • 2017 Market Planning
    • What new innovations and opportunities are incorporated in the planning process?
    • Resource commitment to identifying and executing conversion opportunities.
  • Cone Drive’s Strategy in Partnering with AD
    • Why AD members would want to do business with Cone Drive
    • Training programs and available materials
  • Cone Drive’s Competitive Edge and Value Proposition
    • How Cone Drive products/programs increase AD members’ franchise value.
    • How AD members can exceed customer expectation with Cone Drive products.

The newly formed partnership between Cone Drive and AD has provided vast opportunity for success. Cone Drive’s Group Director of Sales & Marketing, Michael King presented a webinar to the independent distributors in the AD network upon the agreement of the partnership.
The Presentation Included:

  • Market Overview
  • Product Overview
  • Business Overview
  • Branding & Marketing Overview
  • Introduction of Key Distribution Partner Programs

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