Cone Drive Worm Gear Technology

Accudrive Worm Gearbox Range

series HP gearbox

Worm gearbox efficiency with a powerful design

  • High precision worm gears
  • More power in a small package
  • Best-in-class lead times
  • Low Backlash for Precision
  • Increased torque, load capacity and durability
  • Wide range of highly engineered worm gears available

We design and manufacture high precision, high torque worm gearboxes from our facility in Michigan, USA.

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What levels of precision are offered by product?

Zero backlash units are designed for cyclic (non-continuous) positioning applications. Ratios below 20:1 are not suggested. Long duty cycle applications can cause excessive gearbox heat and wear. The motor horsepower required for a zero backlash design is higher than that of a standard design gearset

Will Cone Drive design a customized solution for my application?

Yes - Talk to a Customer Service Representative (CSR):

1-888-994-2663 (toll free)

1-231-946-8410 (International)

What is double-enveloping gearing and what is the performance advantage?

Cone Drive’s double enveloping worm gear has an hourglass shape and the gear is machined with unique contours to ensure maximum contact between the components. This added contact creates a high torque capacity, high durability worm gear. Cone Drive's worm gear design provides you a higher load capacity, lower contact stress, and greater shock capacity. These improved ratings offer you the flexibility to downsize the gearbox to save space or increase the motor to get more power

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