Cone Drive delivers cutting edge precision motion control solutions for multi-industry applications. We exceed customer expectations with the highest level of detailed engineering, lean manufacturing, and quality assurance available in the global marketplace.  We service over 3,000 customers in 30 markets across the world. The Cone Drive value-proposition exceeds customer expectations.

Robotics & Automation

Cone Drive’s long history of precision motion control technology and advanced product development is now available for the robotics industry. We are proud to offer our complete Harmonic Solutions® product line with industry leading precision for the most demanding robotic applications.

Robots • Cobots  • Automated Guided Vehicle(AGV) • Rotary Tables  • Indexing Axis  • Tool Changer  • Actuators  • Antennae Positioning  • Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) • CNC Gantry Inspection Machine  • Animatronics

Food & Packaging

As a global leader in precision motion control technology, our products’ durability and precision are well suited to the rigorous demands of the materials handling industry. Cone Drive has extensive experience with food packaging, pharmaceutical, and material processing solutions. We understand the numerous applications requiring motion control solutions. We offer a large range of ready-made product lines with flexible configuration options and exceptionally quick availability. The universal designs are also customizable to incorporate features that benefit integration into your system architecture.

Form, Fill, & Seal Machines • Case & Tray Forming, Cartoners, and Palletizers • Labeling, Coding, and Printing Machinery • Bottling Line Machinery • Dry Granulator Mixers • Wet Chemical Mixers • Conveyor Systems • Blister Packaging Machines • Inspecting, Detecting Wrapping, Shrink Film, and Heat Sealing Machinery

Machine Tools

Cone Drive has extensive experience producing precision motion control solutions for various power transmission needs. We design products that feature absolute zero backlash for precise applications in the machine tool industry, such as milling heads and welding positioners. Cone Drive’s double-enveloping worm gearing technology allows for smooth, quiet running for your most sensitive machine tool needs.

Tool Changer • Table Drives • Milling Heads • Indexing Tables • Gantry Drives • Rack and Pinion Traverse Drives • Welding Positioners • Cutting Tables

Satellite Communication

Cone Drive’s double-enveloping and harmonic technologies handle demanding antennae drive applications better than other forms of motion control. With higher precision requirements of the latest Ka band technology, Cone Drive products provide accurate positioning and durability to withstand the elements, while our high torque density and lightweight drives allow for antennae portability.

Antennae Drives • Satellite Positioning

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Cone Drive’s precision capabilities combined with unique power density enable us to be a valued solution provider to the medical industry. In a variety of applications ranging from medical tables to imaging we have been able to provide cost effective solutions that allow for proper positioning of either the patient or the apparatus.

Medical Tables • Imaging Positioners • Surgical Robots • Physical Therapy Apparatus 


Cone Drive supports the requirements of the construction industry with standard and custom product solutions for many mission-critical applications. From slew bearings and slew drives to standard and custom gearing products, Cone Drive has experience to optimize your machinery design for both operational performance and safety.

Truck-Mounted Cranes • Jib-Cranes & Hoists • Vacuum Truck Booms Slip-Form Pavers Steering Mechanisms • Module Vehicle Steering Mechanisms • Cab Rotate Mechanisms • Tire Manipulating Arm Rotators

Aerial Lifts & Work Platforms

Cone Drive provides the precision motion control solutions the aerial lift and work platform industry requires to keep machines running and ensure safety. Using market-leading technology, our aerial platform slewing drives and bearings perform a critical function in access equipment. Cone Drive offers a wide range of ready-made solutions, but we understand that certain individual applications are unique. Let us customize our designs to meet your specific needs. We’ll handle every detail, from designing specs to testing the final product.

Truck-Mounted Cranes • Jib-Cranes & Hoists • Vacuum Truck Booms Slip-Form Pavers Steering Mechanisms • Module Vehicle Steering Mechanisms • Cab Rotate Mechanisms • Tire Manipulating Arm Rotators

Oil & Gas

Cone Drive has extensive experience in the oil & gas industry, supplying OEMs and end users with pressure pump drives, pipe handling drives, and other precision motion solutions. We also perform on-site services in critical upstream, midstream, and downstream applications.

Fracturing Pumps •  Mud & Slurry Pumps • Cementing Pumps • Jack-Up Rigs • Top Drives • Drawworks • Rack Chocks

Aerospace & Defense

Cone Drive’s precision motion control technology was born in the defense industry. The namesake and founder of Cone Drive, Samuel I. Cone, worked as a machinist and draftsman for the Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, Virginia. The first installation of his double-enveloping worm gear design was on the anchor engine of the Clemson class destroyer U.S.S. Case in May, 1923. After months of continuous success, this new gearing design became the standard for all destroyers in commission.

Turret Slewing Drives • Antenna Positioning • Unmanned Vehicles • Training & Simulation • Electro-Mechanical Actuation • Winches 


Cone Drive manufactures a world leading double-enveloping solution that provides both the durability and precision necessary for handling the most demanding applications in the metals industry. The strength of our technology allows for greater lifting, bending, and shock load capability in the smallest possible envelope. Cone Drive also offers high-ratio capabilities, while allowing your mill to run quietly.

Accumulators • Breakdown • Edge Forming • Roll Forming • Seaming • Loading • Bundling • Stacking


Cone Drive has extensive experience and a wide install base with industry leaders in the mining industry proving that our solutions continue to deliver under extreme conditions. From increasing precision specification to high-torque density requirements, the Cone Drive product portfolio can meet the needs of rugged applications. Our deep relationships commonly lead to the development of application solutions specific to customer requirements.

Feeder Breakers • Crane Hoists • Minecarts • Crushers

Plastics & Rubber

Whether your business is Thermoforming, Blow Molding, Injection Molding, or in the extruding or pressing of rubber, Cone Drive has an answer for you. Our double enveloping technology enables the you to maximize productivity in minimal space. In addition, Cone Drive’s engineering team has the experience and expertise to assist in the selection of the best solution for your application.

Rail Drives • Thermoformers • Unwind Stations • Injection Molders • Platen Positioning • Trimming Operations • Extrusion Screw Drives • Compression Molding (Presses)

Paper & Pulp

We understand the pulp and paper applications that require power transmission products, such as debarking drum drives, chip conditioners and screens, and belt conveyors. Our tailored solutions support heavy overhung loads and feature shock-load capacities up to 300%.

Conveyors • Agitators • Roll Drives • Coaters • Winder Width Adjusters • Cutting & Sheeting • Roll Handling (Turret Drives)


With the ability to generate over 15GW of solar power, it’s easy to see why Cone Drive solar tracker drives are the global leader in solar tracking technology. Our custom solutions for the Solar industry help harness the sun’s power in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our slewing drives and worm gear drives deliver the highest dynamic and static torque load capacity in a small package. In applications where pointing accuracy is critical, Cone Drive’s double-enveloping worm gear technology provides precision and accuracy, with absolute zero backlash available.

Single and Dual Axis Solar Tracking Drives

The Cone Drive Product Development Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility directly adjacent to our Traverse City, Michigan manufacturing location. The lab has the capacity to test a wide range of gear reducer products, for both Cone Drive products as well as those manufactured by other companies. The lab includes capability to run a wide variety of tests including load testing for evaluating reducer performance and operating efficiency.

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