Cycloidal Solutions

 TwinSpin® and DriveSpin® cycloidal reducers are designed for high precision, torque density, and weight reduction. The G & GH series provide high tilting stiffness, low friction, and high torque overload capacity with a high precision output bearing. In addition the DS & DSH series provide rotary motion and transfer output torque with high radial-axial load capacity.

Harmonic Solutions

Cone Drive Harmonic Solutions® offers the ultimate in precision motion control technology. Our harmonic product range includes gearheads, component sets, gear motor actuators, stepper motor integrations and other custom solutions. Our harmonic gearing features low to zero backlash, provides high transmission accuracy and can support a high ratio reduction in a single stage with low inertia. The highly accurate, torque dense design makes harmonic gears a great solution for robotic and positioning applications.

Satellite Communications

The rapid expansion of the Ka-band technology has driven the need for precision motion control tracking capabilities for Satellite + Antenna positioning systems. Our custom solutions address azimuth + elevation motion control capable of meeting the tightest specifications.

Food & Packaging

Cone Drive products are ideal for the rigorous, hygienic demands of the food and packaging market. We offer products that are IP69K and NSF rated for caustic washdown conditions. Manufacturers can fully integrate our products into nearly every step of the food production process as we offer a wide variety of products to meet all of your food and packaging motion control needs. Our products offer the durability, design flexibility and fast availability to fit seamlessly into your system infrastructure.

Worm Gear Solutions

Cone Drive’s double enveloping worm gear technology is unsurpassed where both precision and accuracy are required. We manufacture quality, durable worm gearsets in standard sizes and ratios or we will meet custom specifications. The greater surface area contact of double enveloping worm gearing means the load is distributed across more teeth which allows the worm gear to run cooler, quieter, and more efficiently. Cone Drive’s worm gear design helps provide cost savings with no loss in performance.

Technology Overview

Cone Drive is an industry leader in precision motion control technology. We design and manufacture harmonic, worm gear and slewing solutions. Our products maintain the quality, consistency and durability that you have come to expect from Cone Drive. We offer dedicated engineering support, custom solutions, and innovative technology across a breadth of industries around the world. With Cone Drive you can always find the right solution for your application with the lead times you require.

Slewing Solutions

Cone Drive’s rugged, durable slewing solutions provide a large ratio in a single stage. The slew bearing and gears can be assembled into a low profile, self-retaining, and ready-to-install housing optimized for weight versus performance. These highly-adaptable products feature strong shock resistance, long life performance, smooth rotation, bearing protection, and sealed drive options. We can provide custom slew bearings and drives in addition to drop in replacements that are in stock for select styles.

Double Enveloping Worm Gear

Cone Drive product manager, Angela Fox, explains why Cone Drive’s double enveloping worm gearing is a great fit for a wide variety of applications and markets. With Cone Drive’s double enveloping worm gear technology, the worm hugs the gear creating greater surface contact, higher load capacity, lower contact stress and greater shock load capacity. This gives you the flexibility to decrease the size of the worm gear or gearbox to save space or increase the motor size to get more power!

Stainless Steel Solutions

Cone Drive product manager, Angela Fox, explains why Cone Drive’s stainless steel gearboxes are a great fit for the food & packaging market. They feature a lightweight, symmetrical, smooth, contoured housing which allows for easy cleaning in order to maintain bacteria free environments. They are IP69K and NSF rated for food production environments. We design powerful, clean, hygienic stainless steel solutions to help keep the global food supply chain running, reliable and safe!

Getting to Know Cone Drive
The Nichols Family

Getting to Know Cone Drive
The Chichester Family

The Cone Drive Product Development Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility directly adjacent to our Traverse City, Michigan manufacturing location. The lab has the capacity to test a wide range of gear reducer products, for both Cone Drive products as well as those manufactured by other companies. The lab includes capability to run a wide variety of tests including load testing for evaluating reducer performance and operating efficiency.

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