Samuel I. Cone, an American civilian machinist and draftsman working at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, Virginia, manufactured an improved Hindley worm gear and patented a practical method of generating the elements of this double-enveloping worm gearing.

Cone Drive continues to manufacture this world leading worm geometry that has set the industry standard for excellence and performance.

Cone Drive Double Enveloping Worm Gear Technology

In 1925, Samuel L. Cone developed a method to machine the double-enveloping worm gear. With Cone Drive’s double-enveloping technology, the worm ‘hugs’ the gear creating greater surface contact, higher load capacity, lower contact stress and greater shock capacity. This gives you the flexibility to decrease the size of a worm drive gearbox to save space or increase the motor to get more power.

Worm Gearbox Efficiency with a Powerful Design

Greater surface area contact means the load is distributed across more teeth allowing the worm gear reducer to run cooler, quieter, and more efficiently. Cone Drive worm gear reducers are through hardened to further provide additional strength. An efficient design without sacrificing power means cost savings with no loss of performance.

Service Factor Savings

Cone Drive worm drive gearboxes allow you to maintain service factor levels in a smaller package. The ability to down size equates to space savings in your system and cost savings in your pocket. We publish ratings you can rely on, Cone Drive tests their ratings in accordance with the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) standards.

Product Variety

Cone Drive worm gearboxes cover a diverse spectrum of markets. We offer a wide range of hollow output bore options to accommodate even the largest of required diameters and small worm gears too. If you are looking for a solution to a gearing application, Cone Drive has the answer and the product range to back it up.

Let's Talk Bearings

We use two heavy duty roller bearings to provide dual support for the worm. The additional support increases the longevity of the worm gearbox which means less down time. Heavy duty bearings are used on the output shafts, which is excellent for applications that require high overhung loads. This not only simplifies the design, but lowers your cost.

Worm Driven Gearboxes with Power and Accuracy

The inherited accuracy of the double-enveloping gearing keeps the deflection and torsional displacement low which is exactly what you need for your most critical timing and indexing applications. For even further control, Cone Drive worm gears provide you with exact ratios eliminating the problems posed by fractional units. We offer solutions with standard, low, and zero backlash worm gearsets.

Custom is Our Specialty

Our experienced team of customer service representatives, application engineers, design engineers and manufacturing engineers are ready and willing to take on a challenge. Let us put our expertise to work and develop a solution customized to fit your needs. We can design and manufacture any type of worm drive gearbox application that you require.

Cone Drive Quality

  • Quality Engineering:  We will design the right gearbox for your application and build it with the finest materials and components.

  • Quality Manufacturing:  We operate with a strict attention to detail and manufacture to exact tolerances and dimensions. Your gearbox will be built with precision and accuracy.

  • Quality Service:  When you need assistance with installation, Cone Drive will be there to support you. We are fully committed to offering you service before and after the sale.

We Have Stood the Test of Time

For nearly 100 years, we have been making quality, durable worm gears. Our double-enveloping worm gearboxes drive equipment in mining, steel, aerospace, automotive, printing, packaging, and solar power world-wide. When you choose Cone Drive, you have the confidence of knowing that our many years of experience are behind every unit that we build.

Our Team

Cone Drive has a team of highly qualified, high character individuals to help if you have questions at any time throughout the purchasing process. Give us a call and we will offer dedicated, personal support to help get you started and identify what product will best fit your application.


Cone Drive’s double enveloping worm gear has an hourglass shape and the gear is machined with unique contours to ensure maximum contact between the components.  This added contact creates a high torque capacity, high durability worm gear.  Cone Drive’s worm gear design provides you a higher load capacity, lower contact stress, and greater shock capacity.  These improved ratings offer you the flexibility to downsize the gearbox to save space or increase the motor to get more power

Please review the Installation and Maintenance manual for proper oil amounts.

User will assume risk of non-approved lubricants which may affect performance of the gearbox and void warranty.

Normal gearbox operating temperature measured at the oil sump area of the housing should not exceed 100°F (38°C) above ambient temperature or 200°F (93°C) maximum. If the gearbox operating temperature exceeds these limits, shut down the unit and contact Cone Drive. Excessive oil sump temperature is indicative of overloading, misalignment, or improper or marginal lubrication. Continuous operation of the gearbox with the oil sump temperature above 200°F (93°C) will result in failure of the gearbox

Backdriving or self-locking cannot be guaranteed by Cone Drive, therefore a brake mechanism is always recommended

A fan should be used whenever the absorbed power in a continuous application exceeds the thermal horsepower rating of the unit

Zero backlash units are designed for cyclic (non-continuous) positioning applications.  Ratios below 20:1 are not suggested.  Long duty cycle applications can cause excessive gearbox heat and wear.  The motor horsepower required for a zero backlash design is higher than that of a standard design gearset

Yes.  Our engineering team at Cone Drive has years of experience creating customized solutions for our customers.  Please reach out to our Application Engineering team to get started.

Cone Drive has developed a specialized sectioned worm design to achieve zero backlash.  As the gear wears, the worm self-adjusts to compensate and maintain zero backlash.

The Cone Drive Product Development Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility directly adjacent to our Traverse City, Michigan manufacturing location. The lab has the capacity to test a wide range of gear reducer products, for both Cone Drive products as well as those manufactured by other companies. The lab includes capability to run a wide variety of tests including load testing for evaluating reducer performance and operating efficiency.

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